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  • AOL Broadband provides a simple 8Mb broadband package with 10GB download allowance
  • Available on either 1 or 18 month contract
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1 AOL Broadband and Calls Up to8 Mb UNLIMITED 12 months £10.20price details Buy Now
2 AOL Just Broadband Up to8 Mb UNLIMITED 12 months £15.31price details Buy Now

Current AOL Broadband Packages and AOL Broadband Deals

AOL Broadband Overview

AOL broadband is often either loved or hated. AOL is often described as the best or worst broadband providers in the UK, either by it’s current ‘happy’ or past ‘digruntled’ customers, depending on who you ask. AOL was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to include a wireless router as standard with all its broadband packages. AOL claims that it’s its “easy-to-install software” means connecting to the internet couldn’t be easier. AOL also claim that they have ‘award winning’ customer support. Support calls however aren’t free – and they don’t provide a 24-hour service. Having said that for novice users, such as families AOL broadband is often found to be a good choice. AOL’s start-up broadband internet pack includes free anti-virus and firewall software, as well as spam filters, pop-up blockers and parental controls.

NB!! – You will need Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7 or Apple MAC OSX 10.3 or above to install AOL’s software, as well as a BT landline.

AOL’s Broadband and Internet History

AOL broadband was originally named America Online. It launched its first US online service as far back as 1985. AOL began in the UK in 1996. They built a huge user base mainly due to their attractive pricing and heavy marketing and advertising campaigns. Do you remember buying a magasine that didn’t have a ‘free’ AOL installation CD glued to the front? We don’t! The AOL Broadband name was acquired by The Carphone Warehouse Group in December 2006. Shortly afterwards the AOL UK base was also acquired from AOL Inc. AOL broadband internet now runs It now runs alongside Carphone Warehouse’s other fixed-line broadband operations, TalkTalk and Tiscali. Carphone Warehouse’s total fixed-line broadband subscriber base is now around 4.5 million (1.7 million due to AOL). This means they are just behind market leader BT.