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  • Simple, straight-forward range of broadband packages from 8Mb to 20Mb speeds, all with unlimited download allowance, free set up and security software included
  • Exisiting O2 customers get a hefty discount off O2 home broadband
  • Free 24/7 customer support from UK call centres
  • Money-back guarantee if you decide to cancel within the first 30 days

Current O2 Broadband Packages and O2 Broadband Deals

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O2 Internet & Broadband History

O2 Internet and Broadband has been built on its strong reputation for great customer service and technical support. O2 Broadband is making big waves on the fixed-line broadband sector. O2 Internet and Broadband’s pricing is competitive, and in recent speed tests it ranked very highly, returning good results across its range of products. O2 Broadband contracts include free 24/7 support, wireless router and inclusive ‘web texts’. The only drawback is that O2 Internet only has a small range of products which may not allow for all specifications that users require. They do promise to test each customers speed to ensure that it meets their promise when someone signsup. Other big broadband providers may have to keep an eye on O2 and their inclusion in the market fares well in keeping broadband pricing competative across the whole market

O2 Home and Mobile Broadband – A Company Overview

O2 are more widely known for their mobile phone network. O2 branched into fixed-line ADSL broadband back in 2007. Although they were reletively late joining the broadband sector they have built a solid user base (more than 400,000 subscribers, including many mobile broadband customers) and continues to see slow but steady progress.

O2’s Home Broadband topped the Which? customer satisfaction league in January 2009, and won nine of the 11 categories in the 2009 uSwitch Awards. The company has targeted a user base of one million fixed-line broadband customers by 2010 and has said the majority of its new customers are taking broadband as part of a suite of O2 services, such as mobile phone and mobile broadband deals.