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  • Orange broadband offers a simple, good value range of upto 8Mb broadband packages
  • Orange Internet packages have a 10Gb or unlimited download allowance
  • If you are an existing Orange mobile customer you will get a discount on Orange home broadband
  • Evening and weekend calls are free with Home Starter and Home Max; line rental is included at an additional £10.50 with the Home Max Broadband package

Current Orange Broadband Packages and Orange Internet Deals

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Orange Internet & Broadband History

Orange broadband has had a pretty rocky start to it’s early fixed-line broadband ventures. Since 2008 Orange’s home broadband service has improved greatly. Orange Broadband’s packages offer good value, especially for people who already have existing Orange services. Orange broadband now provides a reliable connection to the internet. It’s customer support still needs to be improved somewhat.

Orange Home and Mobile Broadband – A Company Overview

Orange have a parent company in France Telecom. They bought UK ISP Freeserve in 2000 and renamed it Wanadoo. Wanadoo then became part of the Orange brand in June 2006. Orange set out to obtain a large proportion of the fixed-line broadband market share by offering ‘free’ broadband to it’s customers who were taking up a new mobile phone contract. The tactic to get people onto Orange broadband worked and now Orange have more than a million subscribers. It didn’t work completely, there were some issues with the service from both the internet connection provided and customer service and support. Orange was named the worst ISP in Britain by BBC’s Watchdog in March 2007. Orange soon improved in light of this and they have now resolved the problems that were there originally. Orange now again has begun to offer ‘free’ fixed-line broadband to new customers who subscribe to a new mobile phone contract of £30 per month or more.

In March 2009, Orange announced it was trialling 20Mb home broadband. No date has yet been given for when the role-out will happen it was hoped it would happen towards the end of 2009. The most promising thing is that Orange will be offering this service for the same price as it’s current 8Mb service so watch this space if you’re thinking of switching!