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  • Sky Broadband speeds range from 2Mb to 20Mb dependant on which package you pick
  • Sky Broadband is only available with a TV bundle; you can also add phone services to a bundle as well
  • Sky Broadband set up costs staret at £30
  • There are often special offers on upgrading your standard Sky Box to Sky+ or Sky+HD

Current Sky Broadband Packages and Sky Broadband Deals

Home Broadband
Home Broadband
Mobile Broadband
Mobile Broadband
Business Broadband
Business Broadband

Sky Broadband Unlimited

Includes Setup Price Contract Speed Downloads
-> No SkyTV required.
-> FREE evening calls
-> FREE wkend UK landline calls
-> FREE wireless router
-> 12month McAfee Security trial
-> 24/7 technical support
FREE £10
per month
20Mb Unlimited Buy Sky Broadband Unlimited

No current Sky Mobile Broadband packages or deals
No current Sky Business Broadband packages or deals

Sky Broadband Internet – Overview

Sky television service is beamed down from above the Earth’s atmosphere via their Astra satellites. Sky’s fixed-line broadband deals still rely heavily on BT’s phone lines. Sky decided to put the two together. Now Sky offer broadband/TV/phone bundles to rival the cable offerings of Virgin Media. The two ca be compared in many ways, you won’t get the speeds of Virgin Media until BT upgrade all their cable system to fibre optic cables which Virgin Broadband use. Having said that, there are a lot of choices and a good range of connection speeds to choose from so long as you’re in an area covered by its Sky Broadband Unlimited offering. Sky provide good customer support and have a good record with full British based 24/7 service and support teams.

Sky has been offering some great deals on its Sky+ and Sky+HD box packages. Sky+ allows you to record programmes – even a whole series of your favourite show – into the box itself, without having to worry about video tapes or DVDs.

Sky (BSkyB) – Company History

Sky’s fully digital service was launched upon the launch of it’s Astra 2A satellite in 1997. Since then Sky’s Broadband, Internet and Digitla offerings have moved from strength to strength. Sky Broadband now has more than 2 million subscribers, putting it fourth in the UK pecking order behind BT, Virgin Media and the Carphone Warehouse aquisitions (TalkTalk, Tiscali etc.)

The BSkyB we know today was the result of firms Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merging in 1990, now marketed largely as Sky.