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Recent troubles for Tiscali have been relieved a little by the brands sale to The Carphone Warehouse. Carphone has said its offers in the short term will be centred on its flagship TalkTalk broadband brand, leaving Tiscali customers a little out in the cold. This means its deals won’t be getting any better for a while, and sadly its support was never anything to write home about: sometimes expensive, often based abroad and only tech cover is 24/7. In fact, if you’re currently a Tiscali customer, the best news out there is several ISPs have been running special offers for you to switch over to them:
PlusNet broadband are currently offering three months free broadband for Tiscali customers – use voucher code tiscalisave at the payments screen stage.

Despite all this, Tiscali had more than 1.7 million subscribers at the last count. The Italian telecommunications company rose in worldwide prominence during the mid-90s with an aggressive European expansion campaign. In the UK it brought London-based ISP Homechoice in 2006 and the popular Pipex in 2007, taking its user base at the time to almost two million. However the migration of Pipex customers to Tiscali caused major disruptions, and complaints of poor service have dogged the company ever since.

It’s a shame, as Tiscali offers some good value deals and interesting packages: its £25 per month offering costs £99 to set up, but then you get a wireless router, 70 channels of digital television, free line rental and free anytime calls over a 12-month contract. If Carphone can steady the Tiscali ship, it can be a serious player once more.