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  • Broadband speeds from 10Mb to super-fast 50Mb
  • Great savings on offer if you bundle broadband with TV and phone
  • Good special offers for new customers
  • If you aren’t in a cable area, Virgin National (ADSL broadband) is a good alternative

Current Virgin Broadband Packages and Virgin Broadband Deals

Current Virgin Broadband Packages & Virgin Broadband Deals are listed below

Virgin Media Broadband and Internet History

Virgin Media is one of the leading companies to commit to the UK’s cable network. Virgin’s High-Speed Broadband is the only real challenger to BT’s telephone exchange system which is currently used by every other fixed-lined broadband provider. Virgin are making a pretty good fight of it. Virgin cable speeds now run ‘up to’ 50Mb, which is twice what BT’s lines can currently manage. Virgin Media also include TV and phone lines into the deal too. Virgin support is about average for fixed-line broadband but it is free. Virgin Media tech support lines are also open 24/7 (to ‘global’ call centres).

Virgin Broadband – A Company Overview

Cable broadband in the UK has been a rough ride. The US company Telewest absorbed a lot of smaller UK cable firms in the 80s and 90s, meanwhile the privatised Independent Broadcasting Authority – bought by CableTel and all renamed NTL in 1998 – began doing the same. NTL and Telewest merged back in 2006, then in turn NTL:Telewest merged with Virgin Mobile in 2007. The Virgin Media cable broadband service (as it’s now known) has more than 3.7 million subscribers, which is only a million behind BT Broadband.

Virgin Media want to take their cable coverage to more than 50% of premises across England over the next few years, taking it’s reach to 500,000 more homes across the UK. Its 50Mb ‘super-fast’ broadband should be available across its entire network before the end of 2009. For those who think 50Mb broadband is still too slow, Virgin Media started testing 200Mb broadband in May 2009; now that really would be the mother of all broadband, at least by UK standards.