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Are you looking for the best business broadband solution for your business? Then look no further. Our broadband comparison service above allows our visitors to search and view the best business broadband packages available. Either look at the table above for the latest business broadband offerings or use the search to quickly find what you’re looking for.

In addition, if you are looking for business mobile broadband that you can use on the move please visit out mobile broadband page which has details of individual mobile broadband packages available too.

Reasons to choose a Business Broadband Service | Business Broadband packages to suit your needs

In modern times, many businesses tend to rely heavily on the internet and as a result high bandwidth is required. Even if you are an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) or even a large business with shares on the stock exchange, having high-speed access to the internet and high download speeds is advantageous. Uses include email (Microsoft Outlook), browsing search engines and websites for information (Firefox, Internet Explorer), communication (skype, conference software), remote access (remote access software) and streamlining business processes.

Whatever your requirements of the internet are, you need to ensure that your broadband connection is reliable and fast. You will also obviously want to get the best business broadband deal that suits your need and in some cases is taylor-made to your requirements and services.

As a business user, you will most likely have different requirements to a domestic / home broadband user. You will probably require a faster connection to service 1 or more machines concurrently and a larger or unlimited download limit than a domestic package would provide. In addition, – you will probably also have requirements for a package with better support, better security, and more flexibility.

This is where business broadband can help you. Many of the leading broadband providers now offer packages specifically for businesses. They have factored in business users’ requirements into these packages and services.

Be aware though, you don’t have to be a business user to get business broadband! Business broadband is also available to home users or gamers who want certain requirements in their package that only a business broadband package can provide. On occasion, business broadband packages can still work out to be the best services to suit your needs. For example, if you have a number of users under one roof and you still need a fast connection for gaming, downloading files or streaming TV then business broadband would be more suited to these types of needs.

Why choose business broadband?

Speed is faster and download limits are greatly increased or unlimited in some cases. As mentioned, business broadband packages are often a little more generous with their download limits, and may offer faster connection speeds (up to 24Mbps) or even faster with Virgin Broadband (Fibre-optic speeds of upto 50Mbs!).

SupportOne of the attractive features of business broadband packages the extra support that’s available in case of problems. Your business probably depends pretty heavily on your broadband connection, and there can be nasty consequences of outages, up to and including lost business. With office broadband you will usually be given a free-phone support number, and there may even be service level agreements which mean that your supplier guarantees to fix the problem within a certain timescale.

Scalability As your business grows, you’ll need your broadband package to be able to keep pace. Business broadband packages often feature several levels, catering to everyone from the person running their business at home, to small businesses with multiple users, networking requirements and so on. If your requirements get bigger, there will be a bigger office broadband package to suit.

Security Malware, viruses, hackers and so on – while a relatively small risk – are a potential problem for all internet users – but for a business a major security breach could be ruinous. With this in mind, many broadband packages come with better security features than the standard domestic package, to ensure that your hardware, software and data are all secure.

Range of services Running a business, the chances are that you’ll want to be able to do things with your connection that you just can’t do with domestic broadband due to its restrictions. For example you might want to run email servers or web servers, which you can’t do with home broadband because the ports required are usually blocked and because a static IP address is required. Business broadband is designed to allow all these sorts of extras. And in addition, an office broadband package may include free web space, email accounts, wireless routers or modems, access to Wi-Fi hotspots and more.

Things to consider when choosing office broadband

Perhaps the first thing to look at, whether you’re a business user or a heavy domestic user, is broadband speed and data allowance. This will govern your everyday use of your broadband, so will probably be the first things you’ll want to know.

Next up is support. As this is one of the big advantages of business broadband over home broadband services, you’ll want to ensure that the one you choose has the level of support you need. You might want to see things like 24 hour free-phone support, SLAs and compensation packages.

Security is also worth considering. Are you getting better security with an office broadband deal than you would for a similar domestic package? Here you may be offered virus and spyware protection, a firewall, and possibly data backup services.

Lastly, look for all the extras required to run any services you will need for your business. If you will be running a networked office, check that the package supports networking; if you want to run mail servers, check that you will be given a static IP address; and if you want to make cheaper internet phone calls check whether VoIP is offered.