Mobile Broadband | Mobile Internet

Mobile Broadband means you can have broadband on the move and hence access the Internet from anywhere in the UK or even in the world. Mobile broadband is one of the fastest growing areas of broadband and internet service offerings as more people aquire 3G/4G mobile phones and will increasingly want fast Internet access ‘on the move’.

How Mobile Broadband Works to enable access to the Internet

Mobile broadband requires customers to sign up to a mobile broadband contract with one of the several leading mobile broadband providers (see below). The customer will then either have to pay a small fee for a dongle or be provided with a free one. The dongle effectively acts as a protable wireless router which when plugged into the USB port on your laptop, netbook or home computer enables you to send and receive data and hence browse the Internet!

The Main Mobile Broadband Providers:

BT Mobile Broadband
3 Mobile Internet
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband

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Internet Dongles | Mobile Broadband Dongles | Dongles for Laptops, Netbooks and Home Computers

When you are looking for dongles for your laptop or even personal computer there are many options. Internet dongles are small plastic devices that enable you to access the internet. They usually plug into your USB port. A dongle acts as a bridge between your computer and your internet service provider. It uses 3G (or even 4G in the future). This comes through the airwaves in a similar way to your mobile phone signal and into the device you’re using to access the internet – i.e. your laptop, netbook or home computer. Dongles are made so that they can fit any make or model and usually come pre-loaded with software drivers which enable it to be installed and function properly on your computer. Dongles for laptops should fit any make and model, as long as you have the right USB socket built-in to the machine. Nearly all modern laptops, netbooks and computers should come with several USB ports. Modern dongles are becoming very widespread and are usually of a very good standard.

Mobile Broadband Monhtly Contracts Vs. Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

The advantages of monthly contract mobile broadband includes: less hassle of having to top-up when you reach your download limit, no need to top-up after 30 days, often come with FREE dongles, better support etc.

In general mobile broadband contract packages generally allow you much more freedom because you’re paying the mobile broadband provider for the privilege and committing to them for a fixed period of time.

If you’re only an occessional user of mobile broadband then alternatively a pay-as-you-go broadband dongle is probably ideal. It’s still worthwhile spending time looking at the best mobile broadband deals that feature on our website. Most dongles for laptops will work without problems, but when you’re looking at PAYG dongles then check your machine has the right hardware specification such as the right USB socket and then also check dongle deals for the amount of data usage you are allowed and what sort of speeds you can hope to get.

Whether you get a free dongle or you’ve had to pay for it, a PAYG dongle simply needs to have credit put on to it and you’re then free to start surfing using the mobile broadband signal. With a dongle broadband can be accessed throughout the UK, but use our broadband comparison tables above in order to check what the coverage levels are like in the areas you expect to visit. Some places in the UK have little or no coverage, in the same way as mobile phones are often unable to get a signal.