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  • 3’s mobile broadband internet means you can effectively have broadband on the move
  • A wide range of packages including 1, 18 and 24 month pay monthly contracts with 1GB or 5GB data allowance
  • Pay as you go mobile broadband available in either standard PAYG format, where you buy data as you need it, or buy with 3 or 12 months’ data included – this means it is ideal as a gift
  • 3 also provide a great range of laptop specs available ‘free’ with a mobile broadband dongle on 18 and 24 month contract
  • If you are an existing 3 Mobile customer, you get 25% off any 18 month mobile broadband package.

Current 3 Broadband Packages and 3 Mobile Internet Deals

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3 Mobile Broadband | 3 Internet Broadband Overview

If you are looking for an alternative to fixed-line home broadband, you could consider mobile broadband from 3 Mobile. With Three’s Mobile Broadband package, you get a 3G dongle which plugs into your laptop and you can access broadband internet wirelessly from just about anywhere in the UK (your house, on the train, in a pub, etc.). Obviously portability is an attractive feature, resulting in no need for wires, routers etc. At times there are still sometimes connection problems which can result in slightly lower speeds but for a lot of people this is a small price to pay for internet on the move and with the option for certain packages to take your dongle abroad and hop onto other networks. 3 Mobile’s prices are good when compared against ADSL or cable broadband too, so it may be worth considering.