Compare the latest BT Mobile Broadband and Internet Deals

  • BT provide several mobile broadband packages with speeds up to 7.2 GB
  • Limited download allowance from 1 to 3 GB
  • Some mobile broadband packages are free through BT business packages

Current BT Mobile Broadband Packages and BT Mobile Internet Deals

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BT Mobile Broadband | BT Mobile Internet Broadband Overview

BT is now offering FREE mobile broadband when you signup to a 24-month contract on its Option 3 premium business-class broadband package. Many people who are looking to save money may be put off by the use of terminology like “premium” and “business class” but actually it could work out as good value for money if you are already planning to have/or already have both fixed-line and mobile broadband connections anyway.

If you don’t want a BT Broadband Business package is not your thing, BT Total Broadband (the consumer arm of the company) is also offering mobile broadband bundled with its broadband packages. This is a different dongle to what’s on offer through BT Business, but a similarly fast up-to 7.2Mb speed. There’s no monthly fee to pay for the mobile broadband, only a set up fee which ranges from £9.99 – £39.99 depending on which BT Total Broadband package you go for.