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  • Monthly T-mobile mobile broadband contracts range from 18 to 24 months
  • 3GB to 5GB data allowance per month
  • Unlimited browsing – no extra charges if you exceed fair usage limit but downloading/streaming video will be restricted at peak times
  • Pay-per-day available (Pay as you go) – you can now buy 3 or 12 months’ data preloaded
  • If you’re looking for business mobile broadband, T-Mobile ‘s PAYG and pay monthly packages are all available on business contracts

Current T-Mobile Mobile Broadband Packages and T-Mobile Internet Deals

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T-Mobile Mobile Broadband | T-Mobile Mobile Internet Broadband Overview

T-Mobile are often perceived as one of the original and reliable 3G mobile broadband operators. 3G doesn’t provide amazing speeds but the T-Mobile connection is reliable and wide-spread all over the UK. T-Mobile’s ‘Life’s For Sharing’ ad campaign is targeted more towards it’s younger audience. However it’s core customer base and audience remains older and many are business customers looking for reliability over flashy. The best thing about T-Mobile’s service is that it doesn’t charge excess fees if it’s customers go over the agreed internet usage cap. Instead, T-Mobile will send their customers a series of letters if they abuse its fair usage policy and perhaps a cap in speed for a while.

T-Mobile Company Overview

T-Mobile have a reputation for being reliable, this may be perhpas more of a cliché from its parent company. T-Mobile is a subsidiary of German firm Deutsche Telekom. T-Mobile was previously known as Mercury One 2 One, the world’s first GSM 1800 network when launched in 1993. It launched 3G services in 2003 and its hugely popular ‘Flext’ mobile phone tariffs in 2007. It was quick out of the traps with mobile broadband: UK customers could get mobile internet contracts from October 2006 and it was the first provider to launch pay as you go mobile broadband deals a year later. T-Mobile began to offer so-called ‘free’ laptop deals with mobile broadband contracts in January 2009.

T-Mobile signed a 3G network access agreement with 3 in 2008: at the time the largest of its kind worldwide (more recently trumped by a similar deal between O2 and Vodafone). The company also recently said it was looking to offer pay as you go dongles with no expiry date on top ups: dubbed ‘pay per use’ (PPU), customers will be charged per GB. T-Mobile has also hinted at the roll-out of 14.4Mb mobile broadband in the near future.