Heavy Downloading Can Mean Heavy Consequences

When the internet first started it was created with good intentions and was often times used for good things such as communication, information sharing and work related tasks. As the internet evolved the focus became more on sharing media, gaming and other fun activities! Unfortunately now that broadband internet is readily available and open to… Read more »

Top Tips for Selecting Mobile Broadband

There are four main factors to consider when looking to select which mobile broadband provider and package is best for you; namely – speed, performance, bandwidth requirements and thus overall cost must all be factored into the decision making process. These all need to be taken into account when deciding whether to use mobile broadband… Read more »

How to Determine What Your Internet Speed Really Is Using an Online Speed Test

Many UK broadband providers label internet packages as being ‘up to’ a certain speed but in reality you almost never reach these speeds unless you’re using fibre-optic super fast broadband.  The current infrastructure in the UK is such that most broadband providers rely on copper cables to transmit data packets.  These cables often have higher… Read more »

How to Compare Broadband Online and Find Cheap Deals

All consumers want the best broadband that money can buy, but most people don’t want to have to spend all their money on it. Many UK consumers want to know where they can get the best broadband deals. A quick online search is a great first step when looking for broadband providers. There are many… Read more »

Pushing your ISP for the Best Broadband Deals Available

Internet access, especially broadband internet access, is almost a necessity these days, but the cost can be prohibitive. Your chosen ISP (Internet Service Provider) might have been chosen because they provided the fastest service, but sometimes, that service is coming at a price that is far too high. The best way to get the best… Read more »