Subscriptions For Wireless Broadband Are Over Half A Billion

By the end of 2010, Wireless subscriptions reached half a billion globally. This means a 10% increase when compared to June 2010, according to the data gathered by the OECD. They have suggested that the main contributor to this growth is the increasing usage and popularity of portable internet devices and suggested that the growth… Read more »

Orange and T-Mobile’s Everything Everywhere Should Fund Rural Broadband With Profits From Spectrum

Recently MPs are suggesting that the Mobile Network – Everything Everywhere which was formed by the merger of T-Mobile and Orange should use it’s profits to fund rural broadband. The funding would come from the profits made from selling mobile spectrum. In addition, certain frequencies that Everything Everywhere uses in the 1800MHz range should be… Read more »

Super-Fast Broadband to be Installed in Devon

The Government announced last week that it is going to support a joint bid between Devon and Somerset for super-fast broadband to be installed and has agreed to hand out £30m to support this change. Local councils have also pledged £22m. Overall South-west councils can proceed with a huge investment program which may be in… Read more »

A Review of the Top UK Broadband Providers for 2011

Shopping around for a broadband service can be quite tiresome. It all depends on what consumers are looking for or what their needs are. Here is a brief review of the top 10 UK broadband providers and what their packages include. 1. TalkTalk Broadband and Phone essentials – fast broadband up to 24Mb, generous 40Gb… Read more »