When the internet first started it was created with good intentions and was often times used for good things such as communication, information sharing and work related tasks. As the internet evolved the focus became more on sharing media, gaming and other fun activities!

Unfortunately now that broadband internet is readily available and open to everyone users often realize that they can use their connections to download many different types of content. Downloading content from websites such as torrent sites and other illegal sources is a very serious problem and it can carry very serious consequences. Many internet service providers how now had to begin to monitor their users internet traffic to find individuals who are downloading illegal content. Download illegal contact can lead to heavy consequences including prosecution.

It is very important to adhere to your broadband providers’ fair usage policy and not surpass your download limit. Many internet service providers offer their users fast and high quality internet on the principal that each and every person will enjoy it equally and follow the rules. When you make the decision to download GB or even TB or illegal materials not only are you doing harm to yourself, the companies that produced that media and to your internet service provider but you are also hurting the other users of your same internet service provider which is hardly fair.

Even downloading one song illegally can carry serious consequences and should be avoided. How would feel if you lost your internet connection or went to jail over a single song? It hardly seems worth the trouble just for three minutes of music. Many of the songs and videos that users download illegally can easily be found on online services such as rhapsody or iTunes for incredibly low prices. The prices of online media has dropped to practically nothing in the past year which makes downloading content illegally and even worse idea.

If you just need to listen to a song you can often do that legally and free on many websites including MySpace Music and YouTube. So remember; adhere to your broadband internet providers’ bandwidth limit or fair usage policy, follow the law and don’t download music and be part of something great and make the internet a better; safer and friendlier place for everyone.

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