In the UK, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer speeds of ‘up to’ a certain amount.  Usually in practice the speeds users end up downloading at are much less.  Coupled with this during peak times speeds may be reduced even further.  It is therefore important for consumers to be able to test their broadband speed and determine if it is time they shopped around for their broadband or contacted their current provider to see if they can improve the speed to their home or business.

It is important for every internet user to know the speed of their internet providers. While many of the broadband users are given their “internet speed” by their respective providers, the number they are given are laboratory condition results (meaning it is a high guess that is optimistic at best). ISP’s do this because legally it is true, however one of the many factors of the connection speed of every DSL connection is the distance from the server, therefore performing an internet speed test and knowing the true speed of a connection is a good factor in determining the value of your internet connection.

There are many websites that allow for a user to test for their internet speed. However, for an accurate test, the user’s router and modem must be properly configured for the test to properly send information packages (known as pings) to the computer without being blocked. Therefore the average user might have trouble testing the connection speed, but it is easy once the user learns how to do it.

A simple search on the internet will result in different links for websites that allow for a such a service. However, the user must take a couple of things into account before choosing the link to see a website. First, make sure the computer browser is up to date, and a stable browser. Second, the user should make sure to have both Adobe Flash Player and Java is installed and up to date. After making sure all the programs on the system is ready for a broadband speed test, the user should choose a website that offers these services. There are some websites that offer paid services; however, many of the free websites are accurate enough for a home internet user. After reading the website’s instructions for router settings and applying them carefully, the user should take a couple of precautions that will make the broadband speed test more accurate. First, the user should close all other applications. Second the user should make sure that only his connection is active on the router. Then, all the user has to do is click on Test now, and the speed will be given accurately.

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