Recently MPs are suggesting that the Mobile Network – Everything Everywhere which was formed by the merger of T-Mobile and Orange should use it’s profits to fund rural broadband. The funding would come from the profits made from selling mobile spectrum. In addition, certain frequencies that Everything Everywhere uses in the 1800MHz range should be disposed of. This could mean the company would earn a further £450 million.

The Everything Everywhere network was given the mobile spectrum for free by the government back in the 1990’s and stands to make nearly £300 million in profit once fees for rental have all been paid. Labour MP Tom Whatson and Ian Lucas the shadow minister for the digital economy have requested that the additional revenue to be used deliver super fast broadband to rural areas and communities instead of going back into Everything Everywhere and profiting it’s shareholders. The French and German governments are the actual shareholders so the profit and hence benefit will be for them rather than the UK. The mobile network (EE) are disputing the benefit it stands to make because they believe that they might end up with an overall loss after the adjustment to other frequencies.

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